Stay tuned - updates to this program are in the works. :)


Current version: 1.2

There are lots of systems used for testing in the field in which I work (computer security). It is always good to know what the specs are on the computer when you connect to it remotely. This tool will collect information from your system and write that data onto your desktop. The foramatting is very flexible, and the program is run from the command line or perhaps as part of your startup routines.

NOTE: the configuration files for this program look like XML but are not, really. The files are manually parsed, i.e., are not parsed with MSXML or some other XML parser. The result is that mistakes in the file format do not cause complete failure during the parsing process.

Files: EXEcutable, ZIP file, MSWord Documentation, PDF Documentation, MD5 Hashes, EXE Digital Signature


Screen Shots