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MyNetwork 2.0 - Facelift By MFC 9

I started the MyNetwork program years ago while exploring various Windows APIs providing network-related information. Basically, it was a research project. The tool interface was my quick-and-dirty approach to displaying those data.

Well, MyNetwork was complaining loudly, telling me it felt neglected. In order to stop its whining I've given it a facelift to a more modern UI via MFC version 9.0 (which comes with Visual Studio 2008).

What a difference three MFC versions can make! Now it looks like your Outlook client. :) Everything is in user-movable, dockable panes. Windows with dynamic data are individually refreshable with the obvious button. You can also configure autorefresh for all dynamic-data windows using a ribbon bar toggle.

You can get the new version here. Below are some screenshots. :)