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Flocker - My LUA Programming Playground

Flocker started as a way for me to learn LUA ( ). I thought, "Hey, I've never implemented that bird flocking thing, so why not try that while I learn a new language?"

Things never stop changing when we play with software. I had to add expanded UI controls and database snapshots of the simulation state (implemented using SQLite). Next I wanted to see some statistics on who was in what state, so I moved UI stuff around into a tabbed configuration and added a data display. Most recently I expanded the display to default to OpenGL, removing the flicker (the vanilla display doesn't frame sync) and making the graphics significantly higher quality. You can switch the display tabs to see the differences.

I'm still playing with expanding the behavior of the birds (adding states) but I thought now would be a good time to make something available for other people to have fun with.

You can download the package with documentation here.