Tools And Software

Note: Updates are in the works. :)

It has been some time since I worked on these tools -- years, actually. I've found some free time, though, and I plan to spend some of that time over the coming weeks to update the tools to work on Windows 7 (Vista?) and, I hope, 64-bit as well as 32-bit systems. I may even get to fix up some of those, shall we say, engineer-oriented user interfaces. :)

Stay tuned!

Terms of Use

For a full legal rundown, see the EULA. The EULA will be presented to you in the About dialog box the first time (and only the first time) that a user runs a GUI-based tool. This is NOT nagware!

The summary of the EULA is that the tools and software are posted here for your use under the following restrictions:

  • you as an individual can use this stuff for free
  • you can't sell this stuff to others
  • you can't distribute this stuff to others as part of any product
  • you can't reverse engineer this stuff
  • you can't take this stuff apart
  • you can't take credit for this stuff
  • PTTP Systems and the software authors (me) accept no responsibility for anything if Something Bad Happens(C) when you use this stuff
  • most importantly: don't use this stuff to mess with other people

Compatibility/System Requirements

These programs were compiled with VC6 and/or VC7 on a Windows system. Most (but not all) should work on W9x/ME/XP systems as well. The major failure will occur for tools using raw sockets (Ping-n-trace, ippacketsniffer) on W9x/ME systems, because they don't support raw sockets, and on XP systems with the most recent service pack (service pack 2) installed. The WinXP/SP2 incompatibility can be remedied, I'm told, by stopping the service that disables the use of raw sockets, but I have not confirmed it.

Data Integrity

You can check the integrity of the files using the MD5 hashes of the .ZIP and .EXE files supplied for each tool. The MD5 sums were created using MD5Summer V1.2. The home of this nice utility is

As an additional integrity measure I include DSS/PGP digital signatures of the executables. The signatures were created using PGP but should be verifiable using Gnu Privacy Guard as well. The signatures are in text format. My public key is here or can be obtained from the PGP key server: (port 11371) using the HTTP method. You can also retrieve it using your browser at In either case search for

  • Objects And Algorithms

    Simple, reusable C++ classes for implementing multithreaded network servers.

  • My Network

    A simple interface providing access to loads of network information.

  • MyCryptInfo

    An interface to the Microsoft CrypotAPI for exploring your system.

  • Multithreaded File Transfer

    [Note: this is a legacy tool. See Secure Parcel Delivery] a multithreaded client/server tool to transfer files.

  • Secure Parcel Delivery

    Use the CryptoAPI to send files to your friends in a cryptographically authenticated, encrypted manner.

  • ThreadMonitor

    A tool to help debug those multithreaded programs.

  • UPnP NAT Router Configurator

    Easily configure your UPnP NAT router to open/close ports and see your externally visible IP address.

  • Scientific Computing

    C++ class libraries for (i) processing multidimensional images, (ii) fitting functions to multidimensional data, and (iii) doing psychophysical experiements on a MacIntosh computer.

  • Wallpaper Morpher

    A tool to show computer system information on your desktop background.

  • FROZEN: IP Packet Sniffer

    Uses raw sockets to capture IP/TCP/UDP packets transmitted over the selected interface.

  • EOL: Ping-N-Trace

    Performs "ping" and "traceroute" operations to a target system.

  • EOL: IP Packet Filter Configurator

    Easily configure packet filtering on your system.