Secure Parcel Delivery

Stay tuned - further updates to this program are in the works. :)

Current version: 1.2

This version is 32-bit only and tested on:

  • Windows 7 Professional x64
  • Windows Vista Business x86
  • Windows XP SP3 x86.

Files: Zip Archive containing the 32-bit version with MD5 hash and PGP signature as well as some documentation.

Version 1.2 brings a number of long-awaited improvements to this tool.

  • Switching to the latest and greatest Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP)
    • Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES Cryptographic Provider
    • Valid for Windows XP and later
  • Adding the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric cipher to the fold
  • Restricting symmetric encryption ciphers and key strengths to those allowed by FIPS 140-2 (and FIPS 140-3)
    • See
    • Allowed ciphers include triple DES and AES with a minimum key length of 128 bits
    • Disabling selection of RC4, RC2, DES, 2-key 3DES
  • Allowing user selection of RSA key size from 1024 to 16384 bits in 256 bit steps
    • I suggest you take the default RSA key size of 3072 bits
    • FIPS 140-3 will require at least 3072 bits (to set a minimum cryptographic strength of 128 bits overall) but the program will let you choose keys down to 1024 bits at this time
  • Consolidation of User and Key interface elements to simplify configuration

Tool Summary

Can you say cryptography and privacy? Secure Parcel Delivery uses Microsoft-provided Cryptographic Service Providers (CSPs) to implement a point-to-point file transfer system that is securely authenticated and encrypted. Think of this as an FTP with upload-only combined with the security of SSH.

How Does Secure Parcel Delivery Work?

Authentication is implemented using a public-key cipher. Encryption is implemented using a symmetric-key cipher. The ciphers available depend on the CSP chosen for the task. Both Windows 2000 and Windows XP come standard with a Microsoft Cryptographic Provider, an RSA-based CSP with a number of symmetric-key ciphers. The Microsoft Cryptographic Provider that provides AES encryption is now the default CSP used by Secure Parcel Delivery.

The default RSA key length used by Secure Parcel Delivery is now 3072 bits. The RSA key length is now configurable up to 16K bits. System performance and the strength of the cipher will guide your choice of key size but a 3K-bit RSA key is considered sufficient for a while longer. 

 Screen Shots


Main Interface and Incoming-connections List


Drag-and-Drop Sending Interface


Configuring Friend Profiles


Configuring Personal Settings


Creating RSA Keys