About Me

My name is Eric Fredericksen and I work in the computer game industry. In the past I have

  • shepherded 1,000,000+ LOC, distributed, Enterprise software systems through multiple releases
  • worked for a fabless semiconductor startup making CMOS imager chips
  • founded a computer-game startup
  • performed basic scientific research at international locations
  • worked for fiber-optic cable and telecommunications companies

A detailed description of my work history can be found here.

I've seen my share of academia, having earned a PhD and Masters in Computer Science and a BS in Electrical Engineering. If you care to examine my academic past, here are details about my education and my bibliography. If you prefer a more printable/portable format of the bibliography, here is a PDF format version. If you are so inclined as to read any of this stuff, my favorite paper is probably How big is a Gabor patch, and why should we care?.

Academia aside, I've been writing software for a long time, and for a range of different tasks, from scientific data analysis and computing, to internationalization, computer game development, and computer security. During the course of this development I have generated a number of tools and generic, or otherwise reusable, packages, classes, code fragments, etc. Some of these tools are just demonstration interfaces for the underlying classes and packages, while others might actually be useful in their own right.