IP Packet Sniffer -- DEV IS FROZEN

Years ago I put a non-trivial amount of energy into this tool. There was a "what is happening on my network" thing going on inside my head, driving research into what the Windows OS APIs could give me, and I derived a great deal of fun from the work.

Times change, and although the tool was a great learning experience -- what better way to learn the guts of network protocols than dissecting the bits pulled from the wire -- this tool is way behind serious tools, like Wireshark.

Wireshark is what you should use if you are serious about investigating your network traffic (unless you need something harder core). Wireshark leverages WinPCAP and is therefore far less limited than a raw sockets based method (thanks, Microsoft).

The upshot is that I am freezing work on this tool. I've end-of-lifed a few other tools recently, and removed the download links to those. However, this one still has some life left, if only because it is significantly simpler to start up than Wireshark, so I'll keep making the bits available.


IP Packet Sniffer employs a "raw" socket to capture IP protocol packets traveling over your local network. These packets contain data and communications information traveling between computers. The packets may originate from or be addressed to your computer. On the other hand, the data could be passing between computers that are not yours.

How can this tool help protect your privacy? Malware and trojans on your system or computers on your network will communicate with the outside world. This tool provides a free and simple way to detect those communications.

DARN: Under Windows XP(at least under SP1), outgoing IP traffic can not be captured from your own computer.
This bugs me a lot -- the OUTGOING traffic is really of interest to me. Rogue programs on my box will be making outgoing connections, but now I'll have to use a driver-level (tcp/ip stack level) sniffer to collect that information.


Files: EXEcutable, ZIP file, MSWord Documentation, PDF Documentation, MD5 Hashes, EXE Digital Signature


IP Packet Sniffer captures IP protocol packets from the selected interface. Packets are filtered according to user-defined rules for

  • packet count
  • byte count
  • capture time
  • protocol
  • ip or network mask
  • source and/or destination IP address

Screeen Shots

Shots of the main interface page.


Shots of the detail snapshot.

Shots of the configuration interface page.