Current version: 2.1

Changes from 2.0: the TCP and UDP connections lists now include the listening program and process ID. Additionally, if you run the program with Administrator (right-click->Run As Administrator) then the system file names will also be enumerated. I added the 64-bit version because it is the best way to get the executable file names on a 64-bit system.

This tool provides a serious fire hose of data for you to digest but the UI was not as usable as I would have liked.  I started it years ago while exploring various Windows APIs providing network-related information. Basically, it was a research project. The tool  interface was my quick-and-dirty approach to displaying those data.

Well, MyNetwork was complaining loudly, telling me it felt neglected. In order to stop it's whining I've given it a facelift to a more modern UI via MFC version 9.0 (which comes with Visual Studio 2008).

What a difference three MFC versions can make; now it looks like your Outlook client. :) Everything is in user-movable dockable panes. Windows with dynamic data are individually refreshable with the obvious button. You can also configure autorefresh for all dynamic-data windows using a ribbon bar toggle.


This program is Unicode-clean, so I can localize all the strings if that becomes desirable. (Just need to migrate some strings to an external container.)


 The zip file contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. :)

Future Modifications 

  • The dynamic data should really be in a list control, not a tree control. I went with the tree control for now because (i) that was what it used to be, and (ii) it was the fastest path to complete the facelift. :) Stay tuned for a conversion of those dockable panes to a CListCtrl based display.
  • I have disabled the maximize-window button because my tests on Windows Vista showed that it screwed up (permanently) the windows sizing and layout (storage in registry) between program runs. Windows XP and Windows 7 both work fine. Until I find a fix/workaround, I've disabled the maximize-window button.

The Package

Here is the zip archive containing the program with MD5 hash and PGP signature.

Screen Shots