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Open Sourcing Some Example Code

In order to make some examples of thread and TCP/IP server management clearer I decided to clean up the full, standalone project and post it here for your download. The project files build with Visual Studio 2008 (VC9) for Release and Debug mode on both x86 and x64 systems. Note that this project is simply a demonstration of thread and TCP/IP server management on an MS Windows system. A full-fledged application would have much more in the way of error checking, unit tests, and other infrastructure. :)

These are all plain source code files, not executables, and I'm making them available under the Mozilla trifecta license.



Updated MyCryptInfo

Today's update is for the MyCryptInfo tool that allows you to explore the Microsoft Cryptographic Service Providers (CSPs) on your system. It has been updated to run on 64-bit systems and to include some missing information about the SHA2 hash that is in the AES enabled CSP.

Otherwise the tool hasn't needed to change much.

Have fun, and don't delete any cryptographic containers that you really need!


Another Updated Software Tool

I took time today to update the ThreadMonitor tool and adapt it to 64-bit systems. The 32-bit version still works on 32-bit systems but also works correctly for 32-bit programs on 64-bit systems. However, if you want to monitor a 64-bit program then you'll need to use the 64-bit version of ThreadMonitor.

Oh, I also moved some user interface bits around. The "Company" and "Product" fields have been merged into a single base path and the edit field was made a bit longer. Why? Well, so that it is easier for you to make the path what you want it to be rather than trying to follow my personal registry versioning process.



Updated Software Tools

OK! :) After too much time I have completed updating several tools. The updates include fixing some bugs, modifying the code to run on 64-bit Windows systems, and general stuff like that. The tools updated in this batch include

I'm still working on the IP Packet Sniffer and IP Packet Filter Configurator tools. The Windows OS has had enough changes that their usefulness is in question -- I need to evaluate that. I have hope that I can work out just how munged raw sockets have become.

I'm still working, so come back later. ;)