Multithreaded File Transfer

Current version: 1.3

Years ago aI built this tool to play with C++ classes for encapsulating sockets and thread-management. It does basic, multithreaded file transfer from point to point. You'll need to manage your firewall rules yourself, and it needs to run as administrator so it can bind to a listining socket.

At one time I thought about dumping this tool in favor of Secure Parcel Delivery (see the tools list). On the other hand, this tool requires no configuration to use.  In adidtion, I used it to debug a strange, assymetric data transfer problem at a customer site (*bad* firewall rule administrator! *bad boy!*) I realized that it is still quite useful.

This update includes some bug fixes and a change to the method by which I estimate composite throughput. If you want much more detailed info, though, go with Secure Parcel Delivery. :)

Files: ZIP archive containing both 32-bit and 64-bit versions together with the MD5 hash and PGP signature.

 Screen shot.