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IP Packet Sniffer -- FROZEN

Years ago I put a non-trivial amount of energy into the IP Packet Sniffer tool. There was a "what is happening on my network" thing going on inside my head, driving research into what the Windows OS APIs could give me, and I derived a great deal of fun from the work.

Times change, and although the tool was a great learning experience -- what better way to learn the guts of network protocols than dissecting the bits pulled from the wire -- this tool is way behind serious tools, like Wireshark.

Wireshark is what you should use if you are serious about investigating your network traffic (unless you need something harder core). Wireshark leverages WinPCAP and is therefore far less limited than a raw sockets based method (thanks, Microsoft).

The upshot is that I am freezing work on this tool. I've end-of-lifed a few other tools recently, and removed the download links to those. However, this one still has some life left, if only because it is significantly simpler to start up than Wireshark, so I'll keep making the bits available.



MyNetwork 2.0 - Facelift By MFC 9

I started the MyNetwork program years ago while exploring various Windows APIs providing network-related information. Basically, it was a research project. The tool interface was my quick-and-dirty approach to displaying those data.

Well, MyNetwork was complaining loudly, telling me it felt neglected. In order to stop its whining I've given it a facelift to a more modern UI via MFC version 9.0 (which comes with Visual Studio 2008).

What a difference three MFC versions can make! Now it looks like your Outlook client. :) Everything is in user-movable, dockable panes. Windows with dynamic data are individually refreshable with the obvious button. You can also configure autorefresh for all dynamic-data windows using a ribbon bar toggle.

You can get the new version here. Below are some screenshots. :)




Tool User Interfaces - Got Facelift?

I've been comparing the old dialog-based user interfaces that I created for the tools and this site to the new capabilities of MFC in visual studio 2008 (VC9) and the newer outlook-style widgets. I think it is time to pamper their (sometimes 8+ year old) user interfaces with a facelift . :)

Stay tuned. :)